Team Jon Doe | Arjay
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Arjay Soul Arjay-Soul is the newest hip-hop artist to rise out of Phoenix, Arizona.Today the rapper/producer releases his debut single, along with the visual, “Better Than You” via Valley Club and Team Jon Doe. Although a rapper, Arjay’s single offers a soulful vibe. “Better Than You”takes on a modern hip-hop sound infused with RnB. The video, shot by #CameraLord is dark and edgy, as Arjay takes us for a ride throughout his city of Phoenix, confessing relationship woes.

You only get one shot to debut your first single and make your first impression. It’s the single that signifies your sound and shows the world who you are as an artist. What does “Better Than You” tell us about Arjay Soul? It tells us that he is a testament to artistic freedom. It shows us his ability to write catchy lyrics and to produce hit tracks. It shows us that Arjay Soul is a star and he’s in it for long haul.